Bahai Faith

Baha'is use the term "manifestation of god" to describe those people who are the founders of independent religions like moses, buddha, jesus and mohammed . They conceive of ‘god’ as an unknowable essence,revealed through messengers as mentioned above.
In 1817 bahaullah was born in a noble family in tehran. At the age of 27 he turned his back on wealth and position to dedicate himself to the newly formed babi-religion . In 1853 bahaullah was first imprisoned and then banished for folling the teachings of the babi. Baha‘ isbelivethar, imprisoned bahaullah had the vision thet told him of his mission . Ten years later, bahaullah announced thet he was the manifestation of god foretold by the bad. The baha’ is faith is a global religion , which aims to create unity and harmony between the diverse people of the planet. Being a baha'i means fulfilling certain obligations, laid down in the writings of bahaullah. Among these are requirements for prayer and fasting and laws regarding marriage. The most important prayers are those offered privately. They belive very strongly in the sanctity of marriage. Stable marriages and harmonious families are the bedrock of a properly functioning society. The consent of all living parents is essential before a marriage can take place. The baha'is believe in life after death and strive to be moral in caring .

The concept of heaven and hell is that they are not separate places but rather the state of nearness to . Or distance from god . As baha’is faith has established itself worldwide, it has become increasingly involved with social and economic projects (literacy, , the empowerment of women and conservation), on a global scale.


It is a pure, kindly and radiant heart, which can reach the kingdom of god.

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