The term "confucion" is an englishlatinization of the name of the chinese sage k’ungfutzu. The common chinese terms for the followers of traditional values and humanistic ideals is ju or 'scholar' educated followers of the confucian school are called ju chia. Confucianism was started by confucius who was a social and ethical reformer. He was a firm advocate of filial piety and ancestor rites . He saw himself as an educator and transmitter of khowledge, rather than as a creative thinker. He believed that the moral force of humanity was ultimately derived from heaven, the cosmos . In his view, the model and starting point was always the relationship with one's parents and by extension one’s ancestors. He advocated that being a good son and an obedient youth is the root of man's chatacter.
Filial piety , respect for elders, teachers, traditional values, legitimate authority, hard work, self sacrifice for the benefit of the family, classical confucian learning , fondness for ceremonial protocol and rituals , selfless public service , preference for noon-contractual and informal business relationship based on networks of mutual trust and reciprocity and self- restraint are the fundamental characteristics of confucianism in traditional chinese society .

The synthesis of confucian teaching with elements of traditional chinese cosmology and elements of taoist and buddhist theory, are the dominant intellectual and ethical influences in china ,korea, japan and taiwan. Confucian meditation(seiza) or “quiet sitting” is seen as a method of cultivating a moral sense and as an antidote to the dehumanizing effects of modern technology .
Confucius and early confucians such as mencius, believed that the moral force of humanity was ultimately derived from heaven. Morality was pursued by careful attention to the rites and proprieties governing family and social relationships. Respectful relationships between parents and children are fundamental to confucian motions of morality and the basis of an orderly society.

In general terms, it is put forth that the rapid economic groeith in the countries like japan ,taiwan , lorea and singapore is closely linked to the confucian respect for hard work, and self sacrifice for the benefit of the family , regardless of personal discomfort or profit , though it is contradicted by others who argue that it is due to the introduction of western forms of economic and business organizations. Love for learning , respect for traditional values and a fondness for ceremonial protocol are basic to confucianism.


Do not impose on others what you do not desire to be imposed on yourself.

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