Hindusim is the oldest living religion , as old as indian civilization and can be traced back for more than 5000 years . It is dynamic , vibrant and deeply in one of the oldest civilizations of the world . It flourished during the period associated with the indus valley civilization and later aryan culture moulded and developed it futher.

Hindusim cannot be categorized as a religion in the conventional sense of the word . Unlike other religions, hindusim has no founder . It is there from time immemorial. Hindusim has been evolved on its own through a continuous deep thinking process by the great visionary saints, sages, seers and learned thinkers, philosophers, scientists and others who had a thorough understanding of the behavior, principles and laws of mother nature which ultimately govern the very existence of all the living beings. An ethical and moral code of conduct based on time tested values was evolved by these great men which became the guiding principles for the varios methods and practicesm faiths, beliefs and rituals which ultimately help in establishing a happy, harmonious, and peace loving holistic society.

The very foundation of hinduism and its philosophy are based on the holy scriptures known as vedasand upanishads. Thje four holy scriptures viz. Rigveda, samveda, yajurveda and atharvaveda, which constitute the vedas are considered to be the words of the divine knowledge and wisdom emanated from the lips of the great visionary saints/rishis, who were supposed to be the persosonifications of brahma-the creator-the god himself, upanishads are the extensions of vedic philosophy known as vedanta.

The other important holy scriptures, ramayana and mahabharata depict the various aspectsx of the most idealistic and pracatical or realistic ways of human life respectively., bhagwadgeeta-another important religious scripture of hinduis, which was narrated by lord krishna to his disciple arjuna on the battle field of kurukshetra, gives the message thatr one should be ready to fight the evil forces for the sake of truth and righteousness and thereby help in establishing the dharma-the true universal religion of humanity.
Hinduis,, unlike other traditional religions, has no set of dogmas or creeds and no single source of authority. The greatest strength of hinduism lies in its unity in diversity and its all- encompassing nature, during the process of its evolution, hinduism has witnessed the various phases of change for the welfare of the entire humanity.traditionally, hinduism considers all the faiths and religions of the world as true and equal and they are nothing but different path-ways leading to thee- the creator- the almighty-the god.
Hinduism believes that the basis for all existence is brahma- the creator-almighty, an all-embracing unifying force, energy, the consciousness, infinite, the ultimate reality, the ultimate truth, it is the tru self-the atman-the soul- the life force which resides within all living beings.

Hinduism believes that the basis for all existence is brahma-the creator-almighty,+- an all-embracing unifying force, energy, the consciousness, infinite, the ultimate reality, the ultimate truth. It is the true self- the atman-the life force which resides within all living beings.
Hinduism firmly believes in the quest of ultimate reality, the ultimate state of matter and it considers that the entire universe is a manifestation of pure intelligence/consciousness, the ultimate truth, if further believes that the entire universe operates in a cycle and each and every process of creation-destruction and recreation continues incessantly. The hinduism firmly believes that the should-the energy-the consciousness is indestructible and it further believes in the concept of rebirth. The should is considered to re-emerge in different forms and bodies of living being and passes through a very huge cycle(through 8.4 million yonis/categories of living beings) of birth, death and rebirth, depending on one’s good or bad deeds.
Brahma the creator, vishnu the preserver and shiva the destroyer, the three forms of the god, personify these three functions attributed to the lfe cycle.
Hinduism believes in salvation-moksha, the liberation from the huge life cycle and be one with the almighty, through good deeds without seeking selfishness and thereby lead a truly happy and contented life, which will ultimately help in establishing a holistic society. The word om is the symbolic representation of the almighty, the creator, the god, the brahman. The sacred word of om encompasses in itself the whole universe, including the past, the present and the future . To those hindus who are inclined towards mystical and philosophical traditions, the pursuit of divine knowledge and insight into the nature of brahman is paramount as is acquiring an understanding of the relationship between the brahman-the almighty and atman-the soul (the true self) and the consequent implications for how one should live one’s life. Hinduism, as said above, is more a way of living than it is about having only right beliefs or doctrines. It expects the people to carry out their duties towards one another and this forms their “dharma”. Every one has his or her duties to perform and it is through these duties that harmony within family, and by extension peace in society, can be maintained. Hindus conceive god as being an and only one, however it is also believed that he manifests himself in various forms and in Different names and at different times even, from age to agae, whenever the trues religion is in peril. In fact, hindus believe that loardvishnu manifested himself in the form of ten incarnations (dashavataras) during different ages of the universe. The lard vishnu manifested himself in the form of ten incarnations (dashavataras) during different ages of the universe. The great epoch making rama, kirishna and buddha are some of these avataras-incarnations. It is firmly believed that god is omnipresent, omnipotent and all pervading. He is the ultimate life force. Hindus believe that the god is supreme and he is the binding energy or force, which keeps the world going. The very unifying force in the universe is the almighty-the god.
Hinduism advocates idol worship-“puja”, daily at home and even in temples and the highest reverence for the mother, the father, the teacher and the men of virtues in the society. It also recommence dhyan/meditation, adoration of the name of god and the practice of yoga to keep oneself physically fit ,mentally alert and emotionally balanced. Patanjali through his yoga shastra has provided the techniques, which can be practiced by all to build the physique, control the mind and bring about attitudinal change for the good of the self and the society. Reverence and respect with all the love and compassion for all the living beings is one of the cardinal principles of hinduism and they firmly believe that the same life force resides in the form of atman-the soul in the entire creation. the path of true dicine knowledge-dnyan yoga, the path of good deeds-karma yoga and the path of complete surrender or devotion to god-bhakti yoga are the basic tenets of hinduism. The theory of karma relates to laws of cause and effect. Every good thought, word and deed produces a positive effect or response and with the same analogy, any bad act results in negative reaction or results. Further, it espouses people to do one’s own work, with a sense of duty, devotion, service and sacrifice, without expecting any rewards or fruits.

"कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥"


Hinduism teaches us about one’s duty towards oneself, family and society and advocates pious way of living one’s duty towards oneself, family and society and advocates pious way of licing one’s life with purity of mind, purity of thought and purity in each and every action and good deeds with a sense of full devotion to god, which will ultimately lead to salvation/liberation-moksha.
Hinduism firmly believes in non-violence, tolerance and peaceful co-existence and advocates the philosophy of transforming the entire globe/world into one family i.e .

“वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ”

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