With the passage of time , the great , learned , revered saints , sages and prophets founded different religions. But it is interesting to note that even though different religions have been founded by different religious leaders, at different times and in different parts of the world, but at the core of all the religions, lie the principle and laws of life and the values , which are common to all them . All these religions advocate some or other type meditation , contemplation of religion is a way of life . Religion is nothing but to learn and understand one's duty towards self , family And the society . It lays down the principles and laws for one to live and let others live a life dedicated not only to one's own salvation but also for establishing a holistic society . These laws and principles , which are in conformity with the laws of mother nature and form the code of conduct , are most scientific in their approach . In fact , religion is the first ever science based on some ethical and moral code evolved on this mother earth . During the evolution process of human race , the people felt that there is a necessity of laying down certain set of rules or a code for the people , which will regulate not only their own way of living but also their behavior with respect to others so that one and all could lead comparatively conflict free peaceful life. The institution of religion was possibly evolved because of such a necessity.

Friends, the primal religion has undergone a sea of change in subsequent millennia . Men of virtues, who were conscious of and devoted to the cause of the welfare of humanity , could see beyond the self and visualize what is good not only for the survival of the human race , but also for its welfare and establishment of a peace loving society . They tried to codify the contemporary human values, most of which have withstood the scrutiny of time . God’s name and show their deep felt faith in that invisible force or energy which binds this universe and keeps it going – the god , the almighty . Further , all followed can help one to lead a peaceful , happy and contented life not only for oneself but for the benefit of the entire mankind. Religion is a link between man and almighty – the god , and the essence of it is the establishment by man, a relation between himself and the infinite being.”
When a person bows and completely surrenders himself before god in a format prescribed by his religion , at that moment , he is at his best . We may think that his view of the divine lacks valuable , even essential elements and his forms of worship may appear to us strange, sometimes even offensive, it is for us to understand him than ridicule him . “realizing god in the soul, is the end of all religions . Each soul is potentially divine and one can attempt and achieve this realization either by or worship or psychic control of mind or by philosophy . The aim is to be free from trivialities and to reach the sublime state of mind , heart and intellect “.

Then , the question that arises is , if all the religions teach the same moral and ethical values and principles , why do the conflicts , clashes , bloodshed and massacre continue to take place unabated in the name of caste , creed and religion? Unfortunately, it is the people behind who distort the religion and try to take the advantage of the resulting situation of chaos and confusion in the society to meet their own selfish , egoistic ends. It is , therefore , needless to say that one has to be tolerant and considerate first in respect of the religions of others, and to be conscious , analytical and studious about the religion of one’s own. Many a times , most of the people are quite ignorant even about the teaching of their own religion and are not at all aware about the very basic philosophy of other religion . An humble attempt is being made to give a glimpse of all the major religions of the world religions through the following paras , which highlight the principle and messages of these great religions of the world.