Subodh Sanskrit Varga

It is an art, to Subodh Samskrit Varga fluently, naturally and correctly. Walk in to Spoken Sanskrit to perfect this art.

What is ‘Subodh Samskrit Varga’?

Subodh Samskrit Varga is an innovative 15-day program in which training is given in spoken Samskrit and also to teach the same. It is an activity based learning process to focus on grammar, syntax, usage in Samskrit. Extensive practice is key to the success of this program. About 6,000 people benefited from the courses offered at Subodh Samskrit Varga.

What is special about it?

Face to face interaction rather than distance learning is very effective. Sanskrit is learnt through Sanskrit (direct method) without using other language as medium of instruction. This enables quicker acquisition of the language.


Students of B.A, M.A, Shastri, Acharya with Sanskrit as the subject and also those with working knowledge of Sanskrit may participate.


From 1st to 14th (first batch) and from 16th to 29th (second batch) of every month two batches are held. Admission can be sought in any batch. One should reach the workshop one day before the start. The batches end after lunch on 14th and 29th day. Once you join the batch you should remain in the camp for the entire period of the training workshop. No one is permitted to leave.
Registration fee India 500
Each batch has the capacity of 30 students. Registration is taken on first payment first served basis. One week prior notice is preferred
Anyone can reserve seat by completing and submitting the application and fee. Fee once paid shall not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

Other information

The program's success depends on the Sanskrit environment and hence no other language is permitted to be used.
A certificate of participation is awarded at the end of the session subject to 100% participation in all the activities.
Participant shall bring suitable bedding, personal belongings, writing material etc., for the entire duration of 14 days.
Sanskrit books, cassettes and other study material can be purchased during the program.
Separate dormitory arrangements are available for men and women.
Smoking is not permitted neither the use of items such as Gutkha, jarda, Tobaco etc.,
Use of mobile phones is discouraged. Such instruments are left in the office at the time of registration and can be collected back at the end of the session. It is absolutely necessary to concentrate only on acquiring the language only.

Subodh Sanskrit Varga

Introductory 15 days Subodh Samskrit Varga
The extremely popular 15-days Subodh Samskrit Varga are routinely organized in India and some other countries worldwide. Students learn conversational Subodh Samskrit in a two hour class every day over a 15 days period and develop the ability to start having Samskrit conversations. These classes are fun and people of all backgrounds and ages attend these classes. No prior Samskrit knowledge is necessary to attend these classes. At the end of this 15 day course, each participant will be able to converse in simple Samskrit and gain confidence & motivation to pursue it further. Just enter the class with a smile and enjoy the fun of learning Samskrit
We need at least 10-15 committed students and a room to conduct a 15-day Shibiram at your location.


1-Please do not bring any high value item to Subodh Samskrit Varga like Ornaments, Laptop, excess money etc.
2- Please bring your plate, tumbler, spoon and bowl.
3- Please bring the Bed-sheet (chaadar) for Yoga and sleep.
4- Once you make Online-Registration and payment, please inform your travel plan and arrival time on 8830085113; 7775000023.
5- You may have to deposit the mobile on the first day and can collect back only on the last day. For any urgency you need to contact office.
6- All rules are to be followed in all aspects. Those who have difficulty in following the rules of the campus will be sent back.

Instructions to reach the training workshop

Ellora is a place of fantastic Ancient Buddhist, Hindu & Jain Spiritual Caves beautifully carved into a Volcanic Hillside, 900-1200 years ago. Ellora is a 45 minute bus ride from Aurangabad, which is… Approx. 3 hours bus from Ahmednagar (Meher Baba’s Ashram);
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7 hours train from Mumbai;
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The “Ajanta & Ellora Caves” are a World Heritage Monument, well-worth the visit.




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